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Mr.C's windows and doors have been sent out
Time:2017-09-18    Read:209 Time

Mr.C's windows and doors have been sent out

Mr.C is a builder from Sydney.Two years ago,Mr.C visited us once but maybe he was too busy all these years,so after the visit,we lost the contact with Mr.C...

One day ,there was a international call coming into reception,so the receptionist forwarded the call to me--It was Ms Chen, I added her Wechat and after that we discussed a lot for her project's aluminium windows and doors. One month later, Mr.C called me suddenly and told me that Ms Chen was his wife..

 Well..It is a small world, isn't it?

Let's check the photo I took when we loaded the windows..

For more information,please contact: Omar Sui


Whatsapp/Phone:+86 13113010032




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